A smoking cigarette, cities to discover, a bar of chocolate and accidental lodgings: this is the life of Sandro, a lonely creature in a ripped world. He has the will to live and the courage to try and this is why he travels, experiencing the warmth of short friendships and the pain of the continuous partings.
Grown up without the love of his family he looks for beauty and love in the people he meets but he also finds the theft of the body and a grievous past.
For those who live on the streets, for someone who is just a passer-by, the encounters are never arranged: fate is the only catalyst of intense and spontaneous bonds, like the ones that oxygen intertwines with the substances it touches. So new compounds are born, with new values and influences.
Darkness can leave room for comicality, eradication will turn into balance for, as it happens in chemistry, it is because of the bonds that we can breath.

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